Isotropic Finishing Process


The Isotropic Finishing treatment acts on the rugosity of the metal, which is still present on the component’s surface after a traditional finishing.
The Isotropic process is a physical-Chemical treatment carried out at room temperature in a water-based liquid medium.
Obtaining a superior finishing on the metal components it’s not just a matter of aesthetics, it also leads to an higher level of performance:

Friction reduction
Increased mechanical performance
Increased useful life on the most delicate components

The process acts on the rapid and controlled removal of the metal, creating a superficial film at a molecular level, leading to a perfect result.


Increased life of the component, up to 30%
Increased lift by 90%
Increased resistance to fatigue and flexibility cycles
Decreased friction, as much as 10 times
Decreased friction’s wear, up to 20 times
Decreased heat, reducing temperature by 20°C
Decreased vibrations and noise
Decreased maintenance’s necessity

Treatable Surfaces

With the Isotropic process any type of metal can be treated, ranging from alloys, steels, special steels, treated and/or stainless steels, titanium and so on. We are able to achieve flat surfaces with very low rugosity values, still maintaining unaltered the geometry and dimensions of the treated components, obtaining also a mirror effect final look.